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Al’s Attire strives to preserve bespoke quality in modern times by creating custom detailed clothes and accessories that are one of a kind. Located at the intersection of Grant and Vallejo streets in San Francisco’s North Beach, Al’s Attire is ready to guide you through the tailored experience. 


Al first opened his own shoe repair shop on Mission Street in the 1980’s. He eventually expanded through costume work and vintage alterations to build a team of designers, shoemakers, tailors, sewers, and embroiderers. Al's Attire has been open in North Beach since 1986.


Over the years, Al’s Attire has had the privilege of working with clients ranging from musicians to politicians.  Many local venues, eateries and companies are also outfitted by the shop. 


Whether inspired by vintage styles, a client's original design, or simply our staff's vision, all Al’s Attire items are handmade to perfection with love.



Our primary tools are a needle, thread, and our own two hands. We use original vintage fabrics alongside fabrics and leathers sourced directly from mills and tanneries, some of which have been around for over 100 years. Our embroidery machine is still operated entirely by hand. Pocket squares are hand-rolled and button holes are hand-sewn. Hat blocks and shoe lasts are all original and vintage.


We take pride in keeping these techniques and the tradition of bespoke craftsmanship alive.


Al Ribaya of Al's Attire - From cobbling to custom clothing

Al's Attire of North Beach Documentary


Why Al's Attire Has a Mural from the Old Spaghetti Factory


Suiting up at Al's Attire

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