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...the taming of the shoe!

Did you know that Al's Attire handmakes custom shoes? In fact, there was even an associated business on Haight St. called "The Taming of the Shoe!" Wether you want oxfords or brogues, cowboy boots or stilettos, Al's has you covered!

A wooden last is made for every bespoke order, and all details are discussed such as style, thread color, top sole material and brand of heel. We can make what you like, have it last longer, and repair it when needed. Feel free to contact us with your shoe needs!

These custom sneakers are court ready and certified more bounce to the ounce!

The custom contrast diamond stitching, black patent details, and cherry read leather lining should need no explanation!

Want that perfect finish? Here Christian spruces up some leather with old fashioned elbow grease (maybe some lexol too)

Where's Renet? He's fixing some shoes of course, but don't let him know we snagged a photo from his workbench.

Give yourself no slip feline grip with the Cats Paw Heel!

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